Appetizers and Salads

7.50 Edamame

8.75 Seaweed Salad

8.75 Mixed Green Salad

Light soy ginger sauce

8.95 Japanese Garden Salad

Carrot and sesame sauce

17.95 Japanese Avocado Seafood Salad

11.95 Spicy Seafood Salad

15.95 Spicy Chicken Cutlet Salad

8.25 Aged Dashi Tofu

Deep fried bean curd

8.25 Tako Su

Octopus with light vinegar sauce

20.95 Gyu Tataki

Rare broiled prime beef served cold with spicy Daikon dressing

8.50 Shu Mai

shrimp dumplings (Fried or Steam)

14.95 Shrimp Tempura

11.95 Vegetable Tempura

19.95 Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

8.95 Sweet Potato Tempura

5.95 Onion Ring Tempura

21.95 Tuna Fire Ball

Spicy tuna, shrimp, tako, kani, avocado, tobiko, tempura flakes and unagi sauce

10.95 Salmon Aburi

Kani, avocado, mayo, tempura inside with torched salmon, tobiko, scallions and eel sauce on top

10.95 Salmon Triangle

Chopped salmon mixed with soy sauce and spicy mayo topped with black tobiko and kaiware over wonton chip

12.95 Tuna Triangle

Chopped tuna mixed with soy sauce and spicy mayo topped with black tobiko and kaiware over wonton chip

12.95 Katsura

Salmon, yamagobo, avocado, cucumber, daikon roll, no rice with ponzu sauce

10.95 Salmon Tataki

Seared salmon, ikura, scallions with sesame soy sauce

11.95 Hamachi Yuzu

Hamachi topped with minced spicy daikon and jalapeno with yuzu sauce

15.95 Acacado Treasure

Spicy seafood salad wrapped with avocado slices into a ball

Combination Plates

No Substitution For All Combinations

23.95 Sushi Boat For One

8 Chef choice sushi and California maki

39.95 Sushi Boat for Two

16 Chef choice sushi and California maki, Tekka maki

18.95 Maki Combination

18 Chef choice assortments maki, combination cali maki, Boston maki, east maki

33.95 Sushi Sashimi Boat for One

5 pec sushi, 9 pec sashimi

20.95 Salmon Love

4 pcs sushi, 4pcs sashimi and sake maki.

22.95 Tuna Love

4 pcs sushi, 4pcs sashimi and tekka maki.

69.95 Billy’s Boat

15 pcs sushi, 9pcs sashimi, california maki, tekka maki and sake maki

25.95 Chirashi

Variety of raw fish on sushi rice

26.95 Unaju

Grilled fresh water eel on sushi rice

23.95 Spicy Maki Combo

Spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy yellowtail

Vegetarian Maki

5.50 1 Kappa Cucumber Maki

5.75 2 Avocado Maki

6.50 3 Avocado Cucumber Maki

5.25 4 Oshinko Maki

Maki Roll

6.75 5 Tekka Maki

Tuna roll

6.25 6 Negi Salmon Maki

(Salmon, scallion roll)

6.75 7 Negi Hamachi Maki

(Yellowtail, scallion roll)

7.75 8 Tuna Cucumber Maki

7.75 9 Tuna Avocado Maki

7.25 10 Boston Maki

(Muscelin lettuce, salmon, avocado & cucumber)

7.25 11 Philadelphia Maki

(Salmon, cream cheese, avocado & cucumber)

6.25 12 California Maki

7.25 13 California Maki and Roe

7.25 14 East Maki

(Shrimp, avocado & cucumber with roe)

9.25 15 1/2 Futo Maki

(Giant veggie roll)

7.75 16 Spicy Tuna Maki

(Tuna, cucumber, tempura flakes & spicy mayonnaise)

7.75 17 Spicy Salmon Maki

(Salmon, cucumber, tempura flakes & spicy mayonnaise)

8.25 19 Spicy Yellowtail Maki

(Yellowtail, cucumber, tempura flakes & spicy mayonnaise)

9.25 19 Spicy Scallop Maki

(Scallop, cucumber, tobiko & spicy mayonnaise)

8.75 20 Unagi Maki

(Fresh water eel roll with avocado & cucumber)

8.75 21 Unagkyu Maki

(Eel & cucumber)

14.25 22 Rocky Maki

(Eel, tobiko & cucumber roll with avocado wrapped on the outside)

14.25 23 Rainbow Maki

(California maki with assorted fish filet wrapped on the outside)

8.25 24 Salmon Skin Special Maki

(Grilled salmon skin, avocado, cucumber, burito flakes micro green)

Tempura Maki

6.75 25 Vegetable Tempura Maki

8.50 26 Shrimp Tempura Maki

10.50 27 Crazy Maki

(Shrimp tempura, avocado, tobiko & spicy mayonnaise)

13.50 28 Salmon Tempura Maki

14.50 29 Soft Shell Crab Maki

15.50 30 Spider Maki

(Soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, kani, spicy mayonnaise and unagi sauce)

Special Maki

18.95 31 Red Lion Maki

(Shrimp tempura inside with spicy tuna and tobiko with unagi sauce on top)

19.95 32 Twin Spicy Maki

(Spicy tuna and salmon on top, shrimp and spicy kani inside)

19.95 33 Green Mountain Maki

(Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tempura flakes, kani & spicy mayonnaise inside, cucumber roll no rice)

14.95 34 Bruins Maki

(Spicy shrimp, kani, oshinko, avocado, tamago & spicy mayonnaise, tobiko on top)

17.95 35 Snow Mountain Maki

(Shrimp tempura topped with snow crab, mayonnaise layer of avocado & mango)

18.95 36 North End Maki

(Eel tempura with cucumber topped with white tuna lightly torch with tobiko, spicy mayonnaise and unagi sauce)

16.95 37 Arizona Maki

(Spicy, shrimp, tempura fl akes wrapped with avocado topped with 4 different kind of tobiko, wasabi mayonnaise and unagi sauce)

16.95 38 Tropical Maki

(Kani, shrimp, tempura flakes wrapped with mango & topped with pineapple & coconut sauce)

22.95 39 Torch Tuna & Salmon Maki

(Kani, shrimp, avocado, seaweed, tempura flakes & spicy mayonnaise wrapped with torched tuna & salmon, topped with 4 kind of tobiko & unagi sauce)

18.95 40 Lox Ness Maki

Cooked salmon, cream cheese, kani, inside with avocado, shrimp and eel sauce outside

18.95 41 Fluff Bomb Maki

White tuna, avocado, tempura inside topped with torched salmon, spicy mayo and eel sauce

17.95 42 Kiss Fire Maki

Spicy shrimp, avocado, tempura inside topped with tuna, white tuna, jalapeno, hot paste and wasabi sauce

12.95 43 White Tiger Maki

Tuna, avocado, cucumber, tobiko with special seaweed wrap and nuta sauce

20.95 44 Tiger Maki

Scallop and avocado inside topped with torched salmon, tobiko, jalapeno and eel sauce

Japanese Rice Bowls

13.95 Tuna Poke

Tuna, onions, quail egg, kaiware, soy and sesame sauce over rice

18.95 Uni Poke

Uni rice with ikura

19.95 Sake Don

Salmon, avocado, ikura and soy sesame sauce over rice

19.95 Unagi Don

Eel, kani, tobiko, oshinko, scallions, egg, mayo and eel sauce over rice

Sushi A La Carte

Served Raw or Marinated / 2 Pieces per order / Add $3.75 for all Sashimi Orders

4.75 1 Ebi (Shrimp)

5.50 2 Maguro (Tuna)

Market Price 2 Toro (Fatty Tuna)

4.75 4 Sake (Salmon)

4.75 5 Suzuki (Sea Bass)

4.75 6 Saba (Mackerel)

5.75 7 Hamachi (Yellowtail)

5.75 8 Ika (Squid)

5.75 9 Ikura (Salmon Roe)

6.75 10 Ikura with Quail Egg

5.75 11 Hotategai (Scallop)

4.75 13 Kanikama (Crab Stick Fish Cake)

5.75 14 Tako (Octopus)

4.75 15 Tamago (Egg Cake)

5.75 15 Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)

6.75 16 Tobiko with Quail Egg

5.75 17 Unagi (Fresh Water Eel)

7.25 18 Uni (Sea Urchin)

7.00 19 Rocky (Unagi with Avocado)